Business and Products

Business Description

Cathay Life provides a wide range of life insurance products and related services, including individual traditional life insurance, individual injury insurance, individual health insurance, group insurance, annuities, and investment-linked insurance. Meanwhile, the Company manages the funds by investing in securities, real estate, oversea markets and granting loans, all in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Our Products

Protection insurance
Individual life insurance Individual life insurance includes endowment, pure endowment, term life and whole life insurance, which provides the coverage for survival benefit, death or disability benefit during the policy period.
Individual health insurance Individual health insurance plan provides compensation for medical and surgical expenses from illness or accidents.
Individual injury insurance Individual injury insurance provides the coverage for injury, disability or death in accidents.
Long-term care area for civil
servants and teachers
The area provides comprehensive long-term care and services for all civil servants, teachers and their spouse and dependents.
Endowment insurance Endowment insurance plan provides annuity and a lump-sum amount on the policy maturity.
Investment-linked insurance Investment-linked insurance plan combines investment and protection, part of the premiums will be invested in a wide range of investment choices.
Group insurance Group insurance plan provides term-life, injury insurance or health insurance for the employees of enterprises or members of associations.
Micro insurance Micro insurance plan provides the basic coverage of survival, death or disability for low-income people against serious impact of family economy in accidents by low amount of insured and premium, and simple content.
Travel insurance Travel insurance provides the coverage of unexpected illness or death by accident while traveling.